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Sold - Tangerine het Tremper Albino Female Leopard Gecko For Sale M31F100080120F M31F100080120F

Leopard Gecko For Sale
:  Tangerine 100% het Tremper Albino
Hatch Date:  8-1-2020
Sex:  Female
Weight:  33g as of 10-19-2020
Feeding on:  Superworms
Parents:  Blood Tremper Albino x Blood Tangerine


Dark tangerine!  This female is a Tangerine, 100% het for Tremper Albino due to the father being a Tremper Albino.  She has dark tangerine coloration with cute patterns, and a nice spreading carrot-tail.  She has a very cute face, she was not shy when her pics were taken.  Some hobbyists prefer the darker tangerine looks, this one is for you.

She weighs in at 33g at just 2 and half months old, exhibiting great growth rate.  She's feeding very well on superworms at the moment.  This is an extremely docile gecko, she was happy to come out for a photoshoot.  She'll be ideal for any hobbyists looking for a cute & docile gecko.

This gecko is FREE if you purchase any other geckos we have for sale.  Simply notate in the comments/instructions box during checkout that you would like to take her.  She will be shipped to you free of charge along with your order.  Don't miss a chance at getting two geckos for the price of one!  First come first serve.  You can either purchase her alone, or get her for free with the purchase of another gecko.