leopard geckos for sale blood tangerine female
Sold - Blood Tangerine Female Leopard Gecko For Sale M31F90080420F

Leopard Gecko For Sale
:  Blood Tangerine 100% het Tremper Albino
Hatch Date:  8-4-2020
Sex:  Female
Weight:  28g as of 10-22-2020
Feeding on:  Mealworms/Superworms
Parents:  Blood Tremper Albino x Blood Super Hypo het Tremper


WOW!  This girl is a Blood Tangerine 100% het for Tremper Albino due to the father being a Tremper Albino.  She is dark dark orange with bold dark spotting on her head and tail.  Her carrot-tail has 60% of the carrot and it's still spreading!  She is an excellent example of Blood Tangerine.  The bold dark spotting offers stark contrast to a dark orange background.  This is an amazing gecko, think about the offspring she could produce.

She weighs in at 28g at just 2 and half months old, showing very solid growth.  She feeds well and has a nice plump tail to show for it.  She is slightly skittish when you first open the tank.  But once you pick her up, she turns really mellow and become very easy to handle.  This girl is suitable for gecko enthusiasts looking to get into exotic morphs.  If you're a breeder, this girl will produce some of the most amazing Blood Tangerines for you.  With 100% het for Tremper Albino, she could also produce Blood Albinos for you.  Clutchmate to the other Blood Tangerine we have for sale.