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Sold - Giant Tangerine het Tremper Albino Female Leopard Gecko For Sale M25F86062720F M25F86062720F

Leopard Gecko For Sale
:  Giant Tangerine 100% het Tremper Albino
Hatch Date:  6-27-2020
Sex:  Female
Weight:  74g as of 1-11-2021
Feeding on:  Mealworms
Parents:  Asclepius (Giant Hot Moose) x Blood Tangerine


Magnificent tangerine colors!  This girl is a Tangerine, 100% het for Tremper Albino due to the father being a Tremper Albino.  She has deep tangerine colors, with good amount of Blood expression as you can tell from the deep orange colors on her back and the tail.  She has dark bold spotting to give off that bold look on a deep orange background.  There's good amount of orange on her carrot-tail, and at 3 and half months old, it's still spreading!  This is just a very good looking tangerine.  Big girl!

She weighs in at 74g at 6 and half months old.  She's feeding very well, you can tell by the plump tail how healthy she is.  She already hit the ideal breeding weight for a young female leopard gecko.  The bonus here is that she is also an extremely docile gecko.  She's very easy to handle, has a mellow personality, does not move around fast.  She will make a wonderful pet in a loving home, and a great breeder for anyone looking to add deep orange colors to their Tangerine collection.

Last 2 pictures are updated pics from 1/11/2021