leopard geckos for sale tremper sunglow male
Sold - Tremper Sunglow Male Leopard Gecko For Sale M25F78070120M2 M25F78070120M2

Leopard Gecko For Sale
:  Tremper Sunglow
Hatch Date:  7-1-2020
Sex:  Male
Weight:  44g as of 10-22-2020
Feeding on:  Mealworms/Superworms
Parents:  Asclepius (Giant Hot Moose) x TUG Sunglow


Magnificent Sunglow!  This boy is a Tremper Sunglow, possible het Eclipse due to the father being a het Eclipse.  He has a smooth yellow head and body, with some orange bands going across his body.  His carrot-tail is plump and the orange is still spreading.  This boy has a really cute face, and he is quite photogenic.  We love how cute this boy looks.

He weighs in at 44g at almost 4 months old, showing very good growth for a male.  He feeds well and has a healthy plump tail.  This boy is an extremely docile gecko, very easy to handle.  Highly recommended for new hobbyists.  If you breed, he will produce beautiful looking Tremper Sunglows for you.  Don't miss out!