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Sold - Tangerine Tremper Albino Female Leopard Gecko For Sale M25F86080420F M25F86080420F

Leopard Gecko For Sale
:  Tangerine Tremper Albino possible het Eclipse
Hatch Date:  8-4-2020
Sex:  Female
Weight:  56g as of 1-11-2021
Feeding on:  Superworms
Parents:  Asclepius (Giant Hot Moose) x Blood Super Hypo


Cute girl!  This girl is a Tangerine Tremper Albino, possible het Eclipse due to the father being a 100% het Eclipse.  She has a nice tangerine body, with lots of lavender spotting and patterns.  The tangerine on her body vary in color intensity, giving off a rainbow colored look.  This is a very cute Tangerine Tremper Albino.

She weighs in at 56g at 5 months old, showing good growth rate.  She's feeding very well on superworms, eating roughly 1 a day.  This is an extremely docile gecko, very friendly and easy to handle.  She's suitable for all gecko hobbyists.  If you want a pretty docile leopard gecko pet that you can hold, this girl is it.  She will fit in very well in a loving home.

Last 2 pictures are updated pics from 1/11/2021.