leopard geckos for sale high contrast tangerine tremper albino male
Sold - High Contrast Tangerine Tremper Albino Male Leopard Gecko For Sale M20F78051720M M20F78051720M

Leopard Gecko For Sale
:  High Contrast Tangerine Tremper Albino
Hatch Date:  5-17-2020
Sex:  Male
Weight:  56g as of 10-22-2020
Feeding on:  Superworms
Parents:  Kratos (Blood Tangerine) x TUG Sunglow


Sharp!  This boy is a High Contrast Tangerine Tremper Albino.  He has bright orange spotting and patterns going from his head down his body.  The white patterns offer sharp contrast, giving this gecko an amazing look of orange and white with yellow background.  His father is a Blood, you can tell the Blood influence in this gecko with the extra dark orange spotting.  Solid genetics, he can be your keystone male breeder to add color to your breeding projects.

He weighs in at 56g at 5 months old, very solid growth for a male.  This gecko is an extremely docile gecko, very easy to handle.  Recommended for all hobbyists.  If you are a breeder, this male will enhance the colors of your breeding groups.  He has solid genetics, father's a Blood, mother a high quality TUG Sunglow.  He will without a doubt produce amazing looking geckos for you.