leopard geckos for sale blood tangerine female
Sold - Blood Tangerine Female Leopard Gecko For Sale M31F90080520F M31F90080520F

Leopard Gecko For Sale
:  Blood Tangerine 100% het Tremper Albino
Hatch Date:  8-5-2020
Sex:  Female
Weight:  25g as of 10-19-2020
Feeding on:  Mealworms/Superworms
Parents:  Blood Tremper Albino x Blood Super Hypo het Tremper


Stunning!  This girl is a hot looking Blood Tangerine, 100% het for Tremper Albino due to father being a Blood Tremper Albino.   She has deep orange saturation with some really dark tangerine patterns.  The dark spotting on her head, body, and tail provide stark contrast, giving her a bold look on such an orange background.  This is a very beautiful looking gecko, one that will turn heads.

She weighs in at 25g at just over 2 months old, showing good growth rate.  She has a plump tail, a good indication she is healthy and feeding well.  This is an extremely docile gecko, very mellow and easy to handle.  Whether you're a new hobbyist or a leopard gecko enthusiast, this is an exotic looking leopard gecko that will wow your guests.  If you're a breeder, she will add deep orange colors to your breeding collection.