leopard geckos for sale mack snow diablo blanco female
Sold - Mack Snow Diablo Blanco Female Leopard Gecko For Sale M30F99072020F M30F99072020F

Leopard Gecko For Sale
:  Mack Snow Diablo Blanco
Hatch Date:  7-20-2020
Sex:  Female
Weight:  34g as of 10-22-2020
Feeding on:  Mealworms
Parents:  Mack Snow Diablo Blanco x Mack Snow Diablo Blanco


A++ Mack Snow Diablo Blanco!  This snow white female is a Mack Snow Diablo Blanco.  She is a quadruple gene gecko, carrying genetic combinations of Mack Snow + Tremper Albino + Eclipse + Blizzard.  She has an all white body, with double solid ruby red eyes.  This is a breeder's delight, you want this gecko in your breeding collection!

She weighs in at 34g at 3 months old, showing good growth with that healthy plump tail.  This gecko happens to be an extremely docile gecko as well, very friendly and easy to handle.  If you're a hobbyist looking for an exotic gecko pet, this is it.  If you're a breeder, what are you waiting for?  You want her in your breeding collection.  Use her to produce Super Snow Diablo Blanco and Mack Snow Diablo Blancos.  We do not have many Diablo Blancos this season, don't miss out on this.