Hamm - Germany

Terraristika Hamm, Germany Reptile Show

*Currently not shipping to Hamm due to the pandemic*


OnlineGeckos.com now ship leopard geckos to Hamm, Germany Reptile shows.  This is a great opportunity for European customers to obtain some of the finest geckos available from the States.  The geckos you purchase from us will allow you to expand your gene pool, allowing you new genetic possibilities, and reduce genetic defects from too many generations of linebreeding related geckos.  Please read below for terms and details.  As always, contact us if you have any questions or concerns.


- If you are interested in purchasing geckos from us, please contact us with your selection.  We will put the gecko(s) on hold for you, then arrange payment.  We will only be able to hold geckos long enough for the payment to be processed.

- Payment must be made in US Dollars, OnlineGeckos.com will handle all payment and sales of geckos.  We accept Amazon, Paypal, credit card, and bank wire transfers.  Payment must be made in full 10 days before the show date, please plan ahead as some international payment take time to clear.

- There will be a flat $75 per gecko fee, which will cover shipping, handling, international export, inspection fees, health certificate, custom fees, and taxes.

- Shipping and exportation will be handled by Steve Sykes from Geckos, Etc.  He is one of the world's most reputable breeders, with over 12 years of Hamm show experience.

- You will pickup your geckos from Steve Sykes - Geckos, Etc. table at the show.  Your ID will be required for pickup.  When making payment, please indicate who will be picking up the geckos.  We will be providing you with an identification letter to print out, and you will bring that letter to the show to pickup your geckos.


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