We provide high quality and healthy leopard geckos and fat tails.  Each gecko for sale have their genetic background and parental information listed.  You can easily research Our Collection page to see what their parents look like.   Prices are based on looks, morphs, genetics, and market value.  We strive to provide you quality geckos at fair prices.


For On Hold requests, please use the drop-down menu selection when adding the gecko to the shopping cart.  You will be able to purchase geckos and at the same time place other geckos on hold.  The calculation will all be done for you automatically.


All leopard geckos are temperature sexed unless otherwise stated. Females are incubated at 82 degrees, while males are incubated at 89 degrees. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


4-23-2017 Update:  Love is in the air, and eggs are incubating.  Realistically we won't have any geckos available for at least a few months.  Thank you for your interest, we'll keep you updated.  In the meantime, please visit our blog at https://blog.onlinegeckos.com.  We have many good articles and guides, ranging from leopard gecko care, feeder nutrition, cute gecko pics, to commonly asked questions such as "my gecko won't eat". 





 Click here to see some of our leopard geckos sold in 2013-2016


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