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We are a small scale hobbyist breeder, breeding leopard geckos & african fat tails for the love of the species. The geckos we provide are top quality, selectively chosen for the best genetics. We believe in quality over quantity.  Each of our leopard geckos & fat tails are bred and raised with care, just like how a hobbyist would treat their own pets. Calcium and vitamin supplements are provided at every feeding to ensure proper growth and health.


Providing good customer service is our top priority.  We want to make purchasing geckos as smooth and effortless for you as possible.  We also believe in keeping good care information out there so new hobbyists can get educated on proper gecko care & handling.


Thank you for visiting.  While you are here, check out our Leopard Gecko Care Sheet.


11-28-2018:  There is still time to have a gecko shipped to you.  Leopard geckos are the perfect holiday present.  But act fast, we only have 2 more weeks left to ship geckos safely.  Shipping availability is dependent on your destination temperature and weather.  If you live somewhere above 40 degrees Fahrenheit then we can ship to you in the next two weeks.  If your daytime temperature is dipping below 40, please contact us so we can assess whether we can safely ship a leopard gecko to you.

We have posted our 2018 leopard gecko holiday shipping schedule.  Please have a look if you would like to know our shipping availability during this Winter holiday season.  This is a very busy time for FedEx logistics, package delays are common.  Weather and destination temperature can also cause us to hold shipment.  We will work with you to determine the best time to ship these lovely geckos to you safely.

There are still late summer hatches to be posted.  We will be posting them as they become ready to be shipped.  So stay tuned!








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