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We are a small scale hobbyist breeder, breeding leopard geckos & african fat tails for the love of the species. The geckos we provide are top quality, selectively chosen for the best genetics. We believe in quality over quantity.  Each of our leopard geckos & fat tails are bred and raised with care, just like how a hobbyist would treat their own pets. Calcium and vitamin supplements are provided at every feeding to ensure proper growth and health.


Providing good customer service is our top priority.  We want to make purchasing geckos as smooth and effortless for you as possible.  We also believe in keeping good care information out there so new hobbyists can get educated on proper gecko care & handling.


Thank you for visiting.  While you are here, check out our Leopard Gecko Care Sheet.


6-28-2022:  Thank you all for a wonderful year!  We'll see you in Fall later this year :)  Keep up with OnlineGeckos.com news by visiting our blog.  Read articles with current information on the nationwide superworm shortage, as well as Amazon Prime Day sales in 2022.

You may notice a loss of appetite with your leopard gecko.  This is a normal yearly cycle for your adult leopard geckos, please do not be alarmed.  The leopard gecko breeding season usually last from January - June.

Leopard geckos going into puberty will also go off food periodically.  Males can become sexually active as early as 6 months old, females will usually ovulate for the first time between 7 - 12 months old.  It's perfectly normal for your leopard geckos going through puberty to feed less, or at times completely stop feeding for weeks or months at a time.  To learn more about leopard gecko ovulation/breeding cycles, read our article here.

If you are ever in doubt about your leopard gecko's feeding behaviors, read our blog article here.







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