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How To Order

Ordering is easy!  Our shopping cart is completely automated with an inventory system.  So if you see a leopard gecko available on our site, and it can be added to the shopping cart, then it's up for grabs.  No questions about it.  Sales are on a first come first serve basis.  If you see a gecko that appears to be available, but when adding the gecko to cart, it shows the gecko is either on hold or sold.  This means someone had just placed an order for that gecko slightly ahead of you.  Your gecko is not secured until you finish checkout and paid for it, so act fast.  

Don't you hate it when you have spent hours looking for a leopard gecko you like, and finally finding one that you love...only to contact the breeder and find out that a particular leopard gecko is either sold or on hold?  Even though on their website it shows "for sale"?  We didn't like it when it happened to us, so we have setup a shopping cart system that makes shopping for geckos easy for you.  All completed orders will receive an order number and an email receipt.  If you think you have placed an order but did not receive an email receipt, please contact us.  Also make sure to check your spam/junk mail folder to see if the order receipt got filtered out as spam.



Paying for your leopard gecko is also easy!  Use our shopping cart system and pick from paying via credit cards, Amazon, or Paypal.  For credit card payments, simply click on "checkout with Paypal" on the shopping cart page.  A Paypal account is not required to pay via credit card.  We now accept Amazon payments!  If you have an Amazon account, you can now pay for your geckos using Amazon.  Click on "Amazon Pay" in the shopping cart.  Yes if you have credit within your Amazon account or through Amazon giftcards, you can use it to purchase your geckos!

We can place a leopard gecko "on hold" for you for up to 30 days if you pay a 25% non-refundable deposit.  This is a great option for those getting paid in a few weeks but do not wish to lose a chance at purchasing a gecko you like.  Or perhaps you need time to setup your new terrarium, but don't want to lose out on a gecko that caught your eyes.  Simply click on the drop-down selection and change it from "Purchase" to "Place On-Hold".  The calculation will be done for you automatically when you add the gecko to the shopping cart.  If full payment is not received within 30 days, the leopard gecko(s) will be put back up for sale.

California residents will be charged a CA tax.  This is calculated automatically through the shopping cart.





Once an order has been placed and paid for, the geckos are reserved for you, no one else can order those geckos.  This means if you change your mind later, we've lost potential sales.  In addition there's always a fee charged to us when refunding payment.  Orders canceled after payment is received are subject to a 25% cancellation fee.



All leopard geckos are shipped via shipyourreptiles.com, using FedEx Priority Overnight.  We ship our leopard geckos on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, for deliveries on Wednesdays and Thursdays.  You must be present to sign the package, signature is always required.  During the checkout process, you may specify a preferred shipment date.  For an example, in the comments box in the shopping cart, type in: "Ship on Tuesday July 26th, for delivery on Wednesday July 27th".   If you do not leave a specific date, we will contact you to confirm a shipment date.  The gecko(s) will not be shipped until you confirm the ship date with us.  So please do check your emails after placing an order.  Sometimes emails get filtered out as spam, so make sure to check your spam/junk mail folder if you do not hear from us.

Prior to shipping we will check on your weather forecast using your zipcode.  If weather conditions are too extreme, we reserve the right to delay shipment.  FedEx could also announce last minute shipment delays via service alerts.  We will contact you to reschedule the delivery date if necessary.  The gecko's well-being is our #1 priority.

We understand if you have to work and can't be home to sign for the package during the day.  We offer a pickup option, where we ship your gecko to a FedEx Ship Center near you for pickup.  With this option you can pickup the gecko at your convenience before FedEx closes.  You will be given a FedEx tracking code, with it you'll know when your gecko is ready for pickup.  Simply walk in, tell them you have a package for pickup, and give them your name and phone number.  The pickup option is also ideal when weather conditions are slightly too warm or too cold.  This is the safest option for your leopard gecko since the package will be sitting inside a safe, temperature regulated room until you pickup your gecko.

We ship all of our leopard geckos in professional insulated packaging, with 3/4" foam.  Heat packs and cold packs will be utilized according to weather conditions.  We take great pride in packaging our geckos with their safety in mind.

Shipping is $65 in United States, this has increased in the recent year because our cost also have increased.  The actual shipping cost to ship leopard geckos via FedEx Priority Overnight is around $80, so we are eating a portion of the cost to keep shipping low for you.  Shipping is FREE if you order $350 or more.  Calculation is all done automatically within the shopping cart.



We guarantee live arrival as long as the package is signed and received upon initial delivery.  We will not guarantee live delivery if the package is returned to the Fedex office due to someone not being there, or if the package has been left sitting on your porch for hours.  In the unlikely event a gecko arrives dead, you must contact us within 1 hour of delivery.  Please take pictures of the packaging and the gecko so we can see what may have happened.  We may also require you to place the gecko in the freezer to preserve the body to have it shipped back to us, so save the packaging.  We will then make arrangements for either a replacement or refund.

We guarantee live & healthy leopard geckos for 7 days upon arrival provided you signed the package upon initial delivery.  If the leopard gecko fall ill and die within 7 days, and proper husbandry have been applied, then we will gladly replace the gecko or refund your money.  Please read the Leopard Gecko Care Guide to find out how to properly setup your leopard gecko environment.  No refunds will be made if the leopard gecko is mishandled and mistreated.  

Sexing guarantees only apply to geckos that are marked as "Male" or "Female" under Sex in the description.  If a gecko sold to you turns out to be the wrong sex, we will gladly send replacement.  Or if replacement is unavailable, we will refund you the price of the gecko.  For all unsexed or temperature sexed geckos, males are incubated at 89 degrees Fahrenheit while females 82 degrees Fahrenheit .  As you understand, while these are proper temperatures to be incubating leopard geckos for male and female, Mother Nature can sometimes play tricks against the odds.  Leopard gecko's sex is determined by the incubation temperature, but it is difficult to determine sex with young hatchlings and juveniles.  Note that geckos sold unsexed are often sold at a discounted price.  The price of geckos tend to go up when they get near breeding age.

Every once in awhile we will post "Pet Geckos" up for sale.  These are often geckos that we are retiring as breeders, or geckos that did not work out within our breeding project.  Sometimes these are geckos that will not breed, or are infertile.  The same live arrival and health guarantee apply to these pet geckos.  However, we can not guarantee the fertility of these pet geckos.  These geckos are often marked down in price so they can be shipped to a good home as pets, not breeders.  These pet geckos are a great chance for you to purchase morphs that tend to cost 4-5x the price we sell them for.  So look out for these pet gecko deals as they would allow you to purchase a morph you wouldn't normally purchase.  These are great, healthy geckos.  They will make sweet pets in a loving home.

We also sell "Proven Breeders".  These are geckos that have bred well for us.  Gecko breeders cycle their male/females out differently.  For us, we cycle our female breeders out every 3-4 years.  As you know, male geckos can breed well up to 10 years or longer, while females are more unpredictable.  Females tend to breed for 3-6 years, sometimes longer.  They have their highs and lows, sometimes they'll skip a season where they don't lay fertile eggs, but then come back and lay healthy clutches the season after.  When we label geckos as "Proven Breeders" it means they've bred well for us.  We will usually notate down how long they were bred for.  But since it can be difficult to determine the fertility of geckos, we can not guarantee their fertility.  It is up for you to decide if you want to purchase a Proven Breeder to breed.

In general no gecko breeder can guarantee whether a gecko will produce healthy offspring for you, be it male or female.  Remember when purchasing reptiles for breeding purposes, you are taking a risk.  They are animals, there are certain unpredictability with these animals.  Sometimes things just don't work out.  This isn't the fault of breeders unless they purposely deceived you or false advertised.  Here at OnlineGeckos.com, we can guarantee you the health of our geckos, but we can't guarantee how well they will breed for you.  What we will guarantee however, is we guarantee the information we provide for each geckos are factual based on our experiences with them.

Leopard Gecko Color

Leopard gecko colors are temperature based.  When their bodies are warm, their colors usually flair up and brighten.  When they are cold, stressed, sick, or dehydrated, their colors usually darken and they will look more pale than usual.  Some morphs, particularly super hypo tangerines, sunglows, and some albinos will darken naturally as they age.  Female leopard geckos are known to darken and look more pale during the breeding season (January - July).  But they will brighten up after they are done breeding/laying eggs.

It's important you know this so you know what to expect when you purchase geckos.  Often when you order geckos online to be shipped, they will arrive looking pale and darker than pictured.  This isn't breeder's attempt at deceiving you.  When geckos are shipped overnight, their bodies are cooled down by quite a bit.  Not to mention they are very stressed, scared, and dehydrated.  So make sure you when you receive a new leopard gecko, you allow them to warm up, rehydrate, and be left alone to get accustomed to their new living environment.  They should not be disturbed for at least a few days.  Just make sure they have clean water and a nice warm moist-hide.  Their colors will usually flair back up once they settle in and start eating again.

Here at OnlineGeckos.com we do not photoshop or edit the pictures at all.  We know some breeders have been caught doing so in the past.  We think it's wrong to modify pictures in an attempt to make the geckos look more attractive.  What you see in the pictures are what they look like when the pictures are taken.  Camera flashes are known to wash the colors out a bit.  But as our customers always say, our geckos look much better in person.

Leopard Gecko Eyes

Leopard gecko eyes will change during their first year (growth year).  This means if we are selling a juvenile leopard gecko, and their eyes appear full ruby/black color, we'll label them as such when they are posted for sale.  But a full ruby red eye could turn from 100% to 85% (as an example) by the time they are done growing at 1 year old.  We do our best at giving you accurate information, along with pictures, when the geckos are posted for sale.  Just note that their eyes could change slightly as they mature.


We run discount events regularly, so look out for discount notices when you visit our site.  We also offer volume discounts and return customer discounts.  Please email us to inquire about these discounts.  We appreciate your business and would love to provide you incentives to come back for more beautiful geckos in the future.





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